Exploring stunning diving spots in Samoa

The islands of Samoa are a picture-perfect encapsulation of tropical tranquillity, but it’s not just the jungle-clad mountains, stunning beaches and quaint villages that lure in travellers. With our guide, discover some of the best diving spots in Samoa and explore pristine coral reefs and thrilling deep diving sites.

Juno Wreck – Diving spots in Samoa

Only a five minute boat ride off the coastline of Savai’i, the famous Juno Wreck lies on the ground of Lelepa Bay. Even though this three-mast missionary ship sank in 188, its initial structure with parts of the mast and the deck are still very well preserved and now home to vibrant coral gardens and schools of exotic fish. The maximum diving depth here is 25 metres, so if you are a beginner and feel more comfortable diving with experts, it is advised that you book a guided tour. 

To-Sua Ocean Trench – Diving spots in Samoa

This giant swimming hole, located on the coastal side of Upolu in the village of Lotofaga, is one of the most famous natural attractions Samoa has to offer. While most people only come to the sinkhole to take a quick dip in its turquoise waters and snap a few pictures, To-Sua offers a whole other challenge for experienced divers. A cave system of old lava tubes connects the hole to the open ocean. If you are up for the 30 metre deep dive and have now problem with small spaces, this adrenaline spiking underwater adventure might just be perfect for you!

The Rock – Diving spots in Samoa

Off the coast of Upolu, submerged volcanic peaks create the underwater landscape filled with caves, swim-throughs, and overhangs that is known as The Rock. At 12-30 metres deep, this exciting diving spot is the perfect place to spot barracudas and trevally or (when lucky) even bigger species like sharks and rays. Adding to its stunning flora and fauna, there are also some intriguing historical wrecks from World War II scattered on the ocean floor around the divesite. 

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve – Diving spots in Samoa

Walk five minutes from central Apia to the beach, swim across the shallow reef and you will reach the steep underwater drop of Palolo Deep. This marine reserve starts at around 30 metres and descends into the deep blue depths of the sea, offering an exciting dive for experienced divers. Upwellings from the deeper water create great living conditions for pelagic life, so you’re likely to encounter schools of tuna, mackerel or gentle reef sharks. 

Apolima Gardens – Diving spots in Samoa

Near the volcanic island of Apolima, these coral gardens are an underwater paradise that is a must-see for both novice and experienced divers alike. With its perfect visibility and calm currents you get the chance to fully concentrate on the diverse array of marine life. Watch the tropical fish darting among the corals and see the occasional sea turtle glide through the crystal-clear waters. 

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