About Truly Pacific, and collaborations

Truly Pacific is a travel hub dedicated to the exploration of the stunning, culturally rich Pacific Islands – that are so close to Australia. 

From diving in Papua New Guinea, to dining in Vanuatu and lapping up some luxury in Fiji and Vanuatu, our writers and photographers will take you on inspiring journeys across magical places, delving into the local culture, cuisine, arts and crafts, and fascination legends and rituals. 

Although we have launched this website celebrating six island countries –
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea – we will continue to add more stories from other islands soon.

If your company or organisation has synergy with TrulyPacific or our sister site, TrulyAus, we welcome the chance to collaborate. Drop us a line anytime.

For publishing enquiries, contact Michelle Hespe

For editorial enquiries, contact Emily Riches

Diving in Fiji

Check out some of these incredible places....

Papua New Guinea
French Polynesia
Vanuatu Ratua Island Resort
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