Vanuatu: A photo essay by travel photographer David Kirkland

David Kirkland

David Kirkland is one of the world’s most published travel photographers. His passion for capturing humanity in all its forms is evident in these joyful and stunning photographs from Vanuatu.


Jumping into one of the many blue holes on Efate (as if the boys needed an excuse).


It’s simply mesmerising (and quite safe) to stand on the edge of mighty Yasur Volcano, so close to the raw power of Mother Nature.


You’ll always find villagers happy to greet you on Tanna Island.


A young girl dressed in the costume of the Toka dance, one of Tanna Island’s most celebrated cultural rituals


One of the many stunning waterfalls on Tanna Island.


Laughter among the women during a local cultural performance.


The best way to visit mighty Yasur volcano is with a guide from one of the local villages.


Want to see more of David Kirkland’s stunning photography, or buy a print, book or calendar? Visit his website.

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