Fiji: A photo essay by travel photographer David Kirkland

David Kirkland

David Kirkland is one of the world’s most published travel photographers. His passion for capturing humanity in all its forms is evident in these vivid and vibrant photographs from Fiji.


Take me away, she said (and he did, to a tropical island in Fiji).


In the islands of Fiji its customary to share food – even with strangers.


It’s hard not to be captivated by the eyes of the young Fijian children.


Fijian hospitality.


A big Fijian smile is likely to greet you everywhere you go.


Amazing Castaway Island (where Tom Hanks befriended his soccer ball).


Local Fijian handicrafts.


Playful Fijian boy.


Want to see more of David Kirkland’s stunning photography, or buy a print, book or calendar? Visit his website.

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