PNG: A photo essay by travel photographer David Kirkland

David Kirkland

David Kirkland is one of the world’s most published travel photographers. His passion for capturing humanity in all its forms is evident in these joyful and vibrant photographs from Papua New Guinea.



The beaming smile of a female performer from Bougainville.


The mesmerising stare of a young girl from Bougainville.


The characteristic striped yellow face of the Mekeo performers from the Central Province.


Full facial tattoos denote beauty is Milne Bay region (of course, they are more seen on older woman nowadays).


A colourful Bilas (costume) from the Mount Hagen Show.


The Sing-Sings are a big day out for the young children in the village.


David Kirkland
The Hiri Moale Festival held in Port Moresby around September is just as spectacular as the highland Sing-Sings.


Want to see more of David Kirkland’s stunning photography, or buy a print, book or calendar? Visit his website.

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